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Heey ! Seriously , this is my blog .
My rules , My way
If you HATE me , get lost
If you LOVE me , you're welcome to stay .

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Heyy Kechyokki here!!
Real name is Nurul Umairah !!
Addicted Show luo!!
Bestfrens ; Rhy`Rhy KeyMin , Charlene , Aaron , Fidiyana , Athirah , Asyiqin , Hidayah
26 March is when you give mie present! :D
Favourite Celebrities
-Show Luo of course!
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Listen to the songs ! It might meen something ! ♥

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[+] Form SHINING ORCHIDS complete with more than 5 people !
[+] Pass PSLE with flying colours !

Anything here !!


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Today my little Aaron make a brilliant suggestion! None of you can imitate us RMB tat n get it in ur brain!! Orchids will never be separated with the help of this "thing". We gonna make a band group called SHINING ORCHIDS!!! We rawk!! still finding member so if wanna join do inform us kays? Apply only to Orchids...Intro of wat SHINING ORCHIDS is...its is a music group consist of ORCHIDSzen. we will be composing songs n dance steps. We will share it to others n we will have our own club house (still thinkin bout tat :p) It is gonna be great n by this way we will always be meeting each other after sch n hang out so we wont be forgotten by our old mates! :D Now we only have Aaron,Ali,Qayyum,Fitri & mie! Waiting for more frenz :D just approach us if u are interested kays? BYE!
-Kechyokki Show !


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